How to Use Jews - July/August 1941 + July 1942


For the usage of Jews assigned for forced labor in squads, at the military units, state institutions, in factories, as written under the General Directions of the General Headquarter no. 55.500/VII.1942

1. THE ORGANIZATION and the security for the outside labor squads fall under the C.4.A. and the local squads for C.R. commission.
2. LODGING of these Jews shall be provided by the institutions that use them - in tents, barracks, or isolated buildings under no circumstances should they be housed in the villages, so they are not given any opportunities to make subversive propaganda or engage in sexual relationships with the women from the villages.
The Jews are not allowed to leave the working site, the camp or the bivouac.
A blanket and a mattress cover should be brought by the Jews.
The institution or the military unit should draw up a register with the daily attendance and absence for all the Jews assigned for forced labor.
3. THE FOOD for the Jews will be provided by the institutions that use them; personal dishes will be brought by the Jews.
For the procurement of the necessary food products, two or three lower ranks soldiers from each unit shall be used.
Jews working in outside or local squads in the neighborhood of their city of residence may be allowed to sleep over night in their homes, provided that their maximum work efficiency is not diminished.
Jews have the right to salary, maintenance, food in kind or food allowance, just like regular soldiers (33.50 Lei/day)
All these rights should be covered by the institution that uses them.
4. THE CLOTHES. The Jews will work dressed in their own clothes, with a 15 lei/day allowance to cover its wearing off, exclusively for the working days on the working site.
The family allowance shall be provided under the provisions of the law referring to the regular soldiers, with the monthly quota reduced to half.
You will be informed about all this data by The Local Recruitment Center. The 15 lei/day allowance and the family help will be covered by the institution that uses them and only for those deprived and those hardworking.
The rights of the officers, lower officers and other lower ranks guarding the working squads are those mentioned in the directions no 55.500/942, page 10 and are covered by The National Defense Ministry.
5. THE MEDICAL ASSISTANCE for the working squads will be provided by the Jewish doctors. For the Jews from the local squads by The Recruitment Center doctor. The cases of temporary medical leave or hospital admission shall be confirmed by the institution that uses them doctor, by the affiliate recruitment center doctor or by the any military unit around doctor.
The emergency medication shall be provided by the institution that uses the Jews.
The Jews assigned for outside working squads will be checked by The Recruitment Center doctor.
The Jewish doctors assigned to the working squads are considered to do forced labor and will not benefit from The Military Decree no. 23325/941, advertised in The Army Monitor on 15.V.1942.
Any Jewish doctor is under the obligation to work at least 90 days of forced labor per year, having the same rights of payment, maintenance, food (money or in kind) as the regular soldiers.
6. VACATIONS - LEAVE OF ABSENCES. All Jews used for forced labor in outside working squads could benefit of a 15 days vacation for every 6 months – approved by The 4th Territorial Headquarters.
There will be no other permission, leave of absence or vacation for the Jews assigned to outside or local working squads.
a). the Jews from all working squads shall work 9 hours per day. Working schedule shall vary according to the season and shall be set up by the local authorities or by the institution that uses them and will be POSTED in each workshop or worksite.
The squad’s commanders shall establish the working quota to be completed daily by each Jew and will push them so that this daily quota should be completed every day.
This working schedule will be signed by the working site or working shops managers and they shall remain responsible for the Jews work attendance and work efficiency.
A copy of each working schedule shall be sent to The Territorial Army Headquarters and as well as to The Local Recruitment Centers.
b). It is absolutely forbidden to disperse the Jews in small scattered working units because it will be difficult to manage and survey them.
Therefore, the Jews from all squads will work together or in closely manageable groups by the officers, lower officers and other lower ranks responsible for the Jews attendance and activities, in their responsibilities.
Each squad, subunit or group commander or supervisor shall carry a paper notebook with the Jews name table updated with all their movements based on which it could be extracted each Jew quota, with the number of working days as well as the number of leave of absences days.
c). The above directions and obligations are compulsory both for the Jews working in the outside or local working squads and for the Jews assigned for forced labor in institutions or factories.
The institution that uses Jews has the obligation to ensure the control and usage of the Jews for the required and approved purpose, as well as their maximum work efficiency.
It is forbidden to change the use of requested Jews sent for forced labor.
In order to accomplish this, the institution using Jews shall draw up a name table for all this Jews, daily updated with all their movements.
a) The Local Recruitment Center shall be informed about the absentee or unwilling to work Jews
b) for minor deviations (work delays, laziness, unruly behavior, etc) the squad military commander is allowed to administer the Jews a corporal punishment according to the military rule.
c) for the following violations all Jews and their families (father, mother, spouses and children) shall be sent to Transnistria, for hard forced labor or in ghettos:
- frequent violations according to the entry b)
- for not working tireless, for avoiding to work by deceit, bribery, absences, leaving without permission
- for failing to notify the change of their address to The Local Recruitment Center even if an approval of The Home Office was obtained.
- for having sexual relationships with Romanian women
If the guilty Jewish men will not voluntarily surrender or if the police fail to track them down, their respective families shall be sent to Transnistria.
The ROMANIAN citizens helping Jews to avoid forced labor will also be sent to Transnistria.
d) any intervention for special privileges is absolutely forbidden regardless of who performs the intervention.
Those who intervene shall be reported by the C.4.A. Headquarter to the General Headquarter.
e) the Jews used for forced labor are subject to the military jurisdiction according the entry 9) from L.L. referring to The Jews Military Status
f) the Romanian workers assigned to work aside qualified or professional Jewish workers and who failed to embrace the chosen or appointed work or profession within the deadline set by the Central Office for Romanization shall be sent to labor camps.
The Romanian employers accepting fake assignments in order to maintain Jewish workers, thus sabotaging the Romanization of labor, shall also be sent to labor camps.
9. At the end of the work assignment the institution is expected to return all the assigned Jews to the same Recruitment Center, as received, with the hand in name tables.
10. The General Headquarter, through its branches or local headquarters, as well as The Central Office for Romanization, through its control teams, shall verify on location if the Jews with a waiver released by The Central Revision Committee and thus being appointed for the same work to a different institution or factory, are actually necessary and are used for the appointed duty.
All the established unruly facts will be reported to The Army Territorial Headquarters who shall decide the annulment of the approval and the removal of the employment flag, not only for the Jews found guilty but for all Jews assigned to that institution or factory.
The exemptions from forced labor for Jews assigned to institution or factories that are no longer working or have given up their services will also be reported.
The waiver right will be lost for the Jews whose employers discontinue their commercial or industrial activities or give up the use of Jews.
The offenders to these directions will lose in the future the benefits of Jewish workforce, besides other penalties applicable accordingly.

The chief of the C.4.A. Headquarter
Colonel Gh. Constantinescu

The chief of 1st bureau
Lt. Col. Cantemir

It is again emphasizing that in any unit – institution, factory, etc., where Jews are assigned for forced labor, a perfect discipline must rule.
Any unruly facts shall be immediately reported to The Recruitment Center and to The 4th Territorial Headquarter.
No tolerance is admitted.

For conformity,
R. Chiriac

RADAUTI COUNTY PREFECTURE entry number 1440 – 8/27/1941
Deputy state secretary office
Nr.7689 – 8/21/1941


1. According the order no. 7886 – 8/14/1941 issued by The Presidency of the Minister’s Board, it was decided that all Jews that have been evacuated according to the order Gendarmerie headquarter from your county, as shown on reverse, will return in the county capital from where they have been evacuated.
2. The Jews transportation will be accompanied by passing bills issued by the respective Garrisons at the request of the prefect from the county where embarking took place.
3. Our department intervene with the addresses no. 7689 – 8/20/1941 as follows:
a. To The Defense Ministry, to The Deputy State Secretary for Land Forces, to issue telegraphic orders to the designated garrison for the releases of the necessary numbers of passing bills.
b. To The General Office of the National Railways Company to provide the necessary wagons in the embarking railways stations.
c. To The General Headquarter, section I, to issue the necessary orders for the Jews usage for community labors after their arrival in the counties residence cities.
4. The transportation guarding will be provided by you, with gendarmes from The Gendarme’s Legion.
5. The food for the transportation will be provided by The Prefectures from where the Jews are leaving and for this you will contact local officials of The National Railways Company to find the transportation duration. The local Jewish communities will cover the costs for the food.
6. At their return at the designated county capital they will be hand over with paper forms to the county prefect who will proceed according to the in force orders, that is they will be closely surveyed and they will be used for community labors following The General Headquarters orders released through the local Recruitment Centers.
7. On September the 5th the county Prefectures from the departing point as well as those from the arrival end will report about the achievement of the present order showing precisely how many Jews were sended, by the categories (men, women, children).


The prefect resolution: The Jewish community to cover the costs; to report the achievement on 9/3/1941. Signed, Col Ionescu
On reverse: Mention about the cities where the Jews were evacuated: to Craiova, Dolj county – 468 Jews from Radauti county; to Calafat, Dolj county – 753 Jews from Radauti county.

Radauti County Prefecture
No. 1006 – 7/22/1941
1. Minister Riosanu, authorized by Gen. Antonescu for Bucovina administration, in Cernowitz
2. Home Office, in Bucharest

With honor I ask you to deign to order The Radauti Garrison to release the necessary personnel for the surveillance of a number of around 1000 Jews evacuated from the surrounding villages under Bolsheviks occupation and brought to Radauti.
The Radauti Police have insufficient personal for this job because the numbers of gendarmes has diminished being transferred to the liberated counties, besides this, we need to organize also the surveillance for the Jews confined in Radauti.
The Radauti Garrison gave personnel for surveillance for only two days letting us know that they cannot maintain this job for the above purpose.

Lt. Col. Ionescu

3rd Army Command
Section II Headquarter
Military postal office no.30
To enforce: 4 and 5 Territorial Commandments; all Garrison Commandments; Yassy and Cernowitz Police
To inform: all County Prefectures; Martial Court; 3rd Army Pretorial Service (pretura is a subdivision of the county)
To report: 3rd Army 1st Echelon
No. 22.011/B – 8/4/1941

To The Radauti County Prefecture - SECRET

We have the honor to communicate the followings:

The homeland, with the order no. 5617 – 8/281941, inform that, although many orders were released about the Jews usage for roads reparation and others various communities labors inside the cities, providing them in exchange with food and tobacco, still this order was not executed.
Very few Jews have been seen working.
General Antonescu order that all Jews remain in the country to be actively used for the above mentioned labors.
Therefore we order:
a) Any unmotivated leniency or favors towards those who, to these days, are serving the soviets mainly in the liberated territories, must end immediately; there, on a daily basis, they are producing sabotages and terrorism with victims among officers and soldiers and destroying the state belongings.

b) The garrisons commanders, together with the police, are responsible for the strictly obedience of this order.
c) The county commander will control, reporting on 15 and on 30 of each month their observations made locally. On that occasion he will indicate those responsible for not obeying the present order.

Headquarters commander,
General Zaharescu
Section II commander,
Major Mangesius

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