Apprentices and Foreman - March 1941

Radauti City Hall


Ministry of Labor, Health and Social Care
Labor department
Vocational training and qualification office
LM no 292 [?]
Exit no. 178513 from 3/25/1941
Local Labor Office of Radauti
Receiving no 579 from 3/31/1941

Re: our previous decrees no 102737-11/26/1940; 109325-12/5/1940 and 129839-1/9/1941 ordering the immediate distribution’s halt of the qualification paper for Jewish workers who already passed the qualifications exams, the interdictions for Jewish workers to pass this exams and, until further notice, to discontinue registration of the apprentices working contracts,
We are bringing to your attention the Decree no. 97484 from 3/8/1941 stating the following:

1. Effective immediately, the cancelation of all apprentices contracts of Jewish apprentices, with Jewish or Christian foremen.

Therefore, you will order to:

a) Make this notification on every copy of every contract you have.
b) Make this notification also in the contracts register.
c) Send a letter to each foremen and parents or legal tutor of each apprentice. This letter must outline the contract duration and how much of it was accomplished.

2. The Romanian apprentices’ contracts with Jewish foremen will continue until completion or until the end of Jewish foremen’s activities. An apprentice certificate, under the Law 45 about professional training and trades, will be released for these apprentices.

3. The Jewish employees’ - workers and foremen - qualifications documents will be canceled and confiscated at their dismissal, under the Decree-Law for the enterprises’ workers Romanization from 11/16/1940. The ministry will issue special decrees on each occasion.

4. Will be canceled also the qualifications documents already released to Jewish workers and foremen which are not owners with tradesman patent.
The labor and social care’s inspectors will confiscate any of this documents they will find and they will send them to the local labor office, this one will send them to the labor ministry for cancelation. As the local labor office will receive the ministry’s notification of the cancelation they will make a note in the respective qualification’s file or if a single notification will be received for multiple files they will indicate on each file the ministry notification’s number. The same notification will be written on the release register.

5. Effective immediately, no qualification contract for Jewish apprentices will be register. The local labor office will refuse to register any of these demands.

6. Only the Jewish foremen owning a tradesman patent will be allowed to train apprentices.

7. Effective immediately, no qualification documents for workers and foreman and no tradesman patents will be release for Jews. These means will confirm and complete the decision no. 64504/1940 sent to you under no. 102737/1940.

8. All the above orders are also for Jews with foreign citizenships.

Citizens with one Jewish parent or grandparent will be considered Jews. If the grandparents embrace the Christian faith before his parent’s birth, the respective citizen will no longer be considered Jew. The affiliation to the mosaic cult will legally prove the Jewish ethnicity. The affiliation to any other cult will not presume or prove the Jewish ethnicity.

The decree no 64504 – 11/22/1940, 67704 – 12/4/1940 and 75783 – 1/3/1941 are annulled.
Please read and confirm, exactly.

General Manager,
D. Constantinescu
[… Illegible]

This decree was publisher in the Official Law Collection no.69 – 3/22/1941

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