Jewish Properties - January/March 1941

Mr. Prefect,

In the commune of Dornesti, Radauti County, there is a prayer house built five years ago with the contribution of the Jewish inhabitants of this commune where, until recently, holy services stated by the mosaïque religion were held.
Yesterday, January the 14th, current year, around 16:00 hour, a communal guard present himself, at the Mr. Mayor order, to the inhabitant Salomon Landau, asking him for the prayer house key. Afterwards Mr. Mayor accompanied by Mr. Gerula, and others, came to the holy house. On behalf of the Jews part from the first moment Mr. Moses Landau was present, than Mr. B. Eiferman and Josef Zalzman. After a thorough search made in all ubiquitous places, Mr. Mayor gave a verbal order to the attending Jews that in 3 hours time all the holy things and prayer books must be taken out, leaving on site the benches and the tables, because The Legionaire Headquarters of the Dornesti commune must be installed in this building.
At Mr. Eiferman request, who pointed out that it will be impossible to carry on this order in 3 hours time, Mr. Mayor agree for a delay until today, 17:00 hour.
Bringing the matter to your attention, we dare to appeal to your religious feeling, asking you to deign to intervene for the annulment of this order in order to preserve this sole prayer house.

Accept, Mr. Prefect, the promise of our gratitude and our thanks.

Signed by 12 members of Dornesti Jewish community:

Salomon Landau
Josef Salzman
Adolf Rosenthal
Beil Landau
[...] Landau
Benn Eiferman
[...] Seligman
Wolf Freier
[...] Breier
[...] Metsch
Beil Mauser
Salo Windrech

Prefecture entry no. 800 – 1/16/1941

PRETURA PLĂŞII ŞTEFAN VODA [headquarter of a county subdivision]
To Radauti County Prefecture
No. 108/41 Radauti, on 1//30/1941
Your file reference no. 800 from 1941
Re: Closing the prayer house from Dornesti commune

To your order no. 800/941, we have the honor to forward you the protest of the Jewish inhabitants of the Dornesti commune with our information attached.

Dr. Seraba Gheorghe
Martinescu Gheorghe
Prefecture entry no.1830 – 1/30/1941

Investigation the protest of Jewish inhabitants from Dornesti commune regarding the closing of the prayer house, we established that the former mayor Roy Dimitrie misuse the power invested in him by the fact that he closes the prayer house of the Jewish inhabitants, taken the keys with him.
The keys of the prayer house have been taken over by the current mayor.
We are recommending the restitution of those keys and the reopening of the prayer house, according to the resolution of The Ministry for Cults and Arts advertised in The Official Collection of Laws no. 216 from 9/21/1940, also sending the former mayor in a court of law for power misuse.
Pretor: …

Prefect resolution: To hand over the keys to Dornesti Jewish community.
Lt.Col. Ionescu

Our no: 1411/24.04.1941

Re: your letter no 1411/17.03.1941

Please take the necessary measure to verify again the situation you send to our request under the above entry because it is incomplete.
The situation will be presented according to the template shown on reverse.
You will mention in the table only the shops taken by force, as well as the ones which although taken by force and later on given back, a trial or a law-suit were open. You will no longer mention in this table the shops given back to the former owners who did not make any ulterior claims.
These ones will still be mentioned at the end of the table as information, naming only the place town the shops are providing for.
The deadline for these tables presentation is May 02, 1941, without any delay.

General Secretary,
Colonel N. Patrutoiu
To His Excellency
The Radauti County Prefect
Prefect Office Entry: 13/28.04.1941

The prefect resolution: to resolve and to add the missing situations according to these demands.
Signed: General Ionescu

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