The Aron Wolf Schaffer Case - December 1941

No 11061 – 12/4/1941
Camp for Political detainees Tr. Jiu

To: Siret Police

According to letter no. 69647/S – 12/1/1941 issued by The Police General Office we are honored to sent you the detainee Aron Wolf Schaffer, which is scheduled to be sent to Bug or Northern Galitzia, under the same condition as the Jews from Bessarabia or Northern Bucovina.

Camp commander,
Col. Gh.Zlatescu
Head of identification bureau
Lt. col. C. Enasel

No. 72539 – 12/16/1941

To: Radauti County Prefecture – Entry no. 2340-12/22/1941

We are honored to report that The Camp For Political Detainees Tg. Jiu, with the letter no.11061 – 12/4/1941 attached in copy, sent us the inmate suspect Aron Wolf Schaffer which, under the order of The Police General Office … over the border, to Bug or Northern Galitzia.
With our letter no.7253/S – 12/11/1941 we intervene by The Radauti Garrison to release two bills of passage for the Jew and for his convoy consisting of the public guardian Clipa Porfir, but The Garrison Radauti, with the letter no. 3368 – 12/13/1941, inform us that they will not be able to release those bill of passage requested by that Police because they have no order for this particular case, therefore the Jew mentioned above could not be evacuated.
We intervene by The Cernowitz Police Headquarter with our report no. 7253/S/1941 to decide accordingly.

Head of police, …
Head of security bureau, …

Prefect resolution: To release ones of the bills we have in order to be immediately evacuated. Execution in 24 hours. Col Ionescu

Prefecture Office Entry no 2354-12/23/1941

Mr. Prefect,

The undersigned Schäffer Wolf, merchandiser from Siret, 9 Franz Beill St,
With honor I ask you to deign to order the Siret City Hall to release me the sum of over 190.000 lei from their safe, resulted from the sale of 3 freight cars of corn taken from my corn warehouse and I am motivating my request as following:

On 6/7/1941 I was taken from my residence in Siret and imprisoned in the Tg. Jiu Camp. My family remains in Siret until 6/26/1941 when they have been evacuated with the rest of the population. With part of the population coming back, the Siret City Hall, under the pretext that the population is lacking corn, open my warehouse where I kept corn of over 350.000 lei worth and sold all these corn, as Mr. Mayor pretends, with only over 190.000 lei, money that he kept for me.
Being released from the camp and with absolutely no fortune, I asked Mr. Mayor to release me at least these amount of money he pretend getting it. His Excellency declares to me that he kept it to my disposal but he could not release it to me without the Prefecture accord. Because I am seriously ill and because my entire fortune was destroyed, please, deign to order the release of this money, in the same time I renounce any amends for my corn warehouse.

To his Excellency,
Mr. Prefect of the Radauti County

Siret Headquarter Police
No. 10467/S – 12/31/1941


In response to your order no 2354 Office 12/23/1941
We are honored to report that the Jew Aron Wolf Schäffer released from Tg. Jiu Camp for Political detainees, has been sent to The Radauti Police under the no. 10020 – 12.10.1941 to be overpass into Galitzia or Bug.

Superintendent, …

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