Firing Oder - July 1941

Nr. 15755 – 7/30/1941
Radauti County Prefecture entry no. 1161 – 8/2/1941

To The Radauti County Prefecture

In response to no. 1006 / 1941 you will take the necessary measure to ensure surveillance with Jewish leaders.
In case they will run away, you will apply the order of General Antonescu sent to you under the no. 5811 – 7/18/1941, which stated that in case of running away, one in 10 will be shot.
The minister cannot provide solders or policemen to guard all the Jews.

General Secretary,
Col. N.Patrutoiu

The Prefect resolution: Copies will be sent to the police and the legion for strictly obedience. To confirm the receiving of this order. Signed, lt.col. Ionescu

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