The King, Antonescu and the Jews - July 1941

Radauti county prefecture
No. 1080 – 7/27/1941

To division general D. Popescu
Home office

I have the honor to report the followings:

On the occasion of His Majesty the King visit on July 24 1941 the General Antonescu, the head of state, requested close information about all the problems regarding the county, the economic situation of the villages, cities, the procurement, the population state of mind and especially the Jewish affair.
Regarding the Jewish affair General Antonescu found our measure in conformity with the Home Office orders, and justified particularly after it was reported to him that from the Jewish population hostages were taken, important persons and 150 fitted Jews from all level of society, able at any time to undermine the state security.
General Antonescu ordered that all these not to enjoy any liberty, on the contrary, to be used only to hard labor and to take the necessary measure that all the business trade they owned to be handed over to the Romanian which must be sustained with all the possible advantages.

I have reported that this measure has been already taken, forming nucleus and some quite successful beginnings for the Romanian tradesmen, for the workshops, etc.
The difficulties for the prefecture are coming from the fact that there are still quite a few Romanian citizens protecting and intervening for freedom for these Jews hogging the economic environment.
In our endeavor we are obstructed by the Col Opritia, the commander of The Recruitment Center who persistently asks, to this days, that the Jews remain free to carry on their commercial activities arguing that Radauti is under depression since these 150 Jews have been confined.

To emphasis the above report I present a file containing scores of requests coming from Jews pretending to be sick, inventing illness and being easily believed by Col Opritia, the commander of the recruitment center.
By the Radauti Garrison address no 28/1941 accompanied by 11 solicitations, each of it bearing the col. Opritia resolution, followed by reports written by the doctor, captain in reserve Dr. Alexa from Yassy, one can see the special interest shown to this Jews.
As for Col. Opritia’s part but mostly for the doctor’s part, in the meeting from July 14 of The County Commission for Sanitary Organization held to execute the order no. 1251 – 6/26/1941 issued by The National Defense Minister and The Home Office regarding the sanitary organization of the county, Dr. Alexa, on behalf of Col. Opritia, consider in this meeting that those 150 Jews must have the right to carry on their professions, that is to be left free in the Jewish quarter.
Col. Opritia, although he has no right to interfere my attributions as I am the sole responsible in front of you as enforcer of the orders and measures regarding those Jews, made a direct appeal to the Police for the liberation of 6 Jews, among the wealthier ones, as follows:

a. Asländer Isac and Goldschläger Efroim with the address no. 66 – 7/4/1941
b. Beer Moritz was hand over by the Police to the warrant-officer Costea from The Recruitment Center on 7/2/1941 but later, with the address no.64/1941, The Recruitment Center asks the Police to arrest him as a dangerous person. This Jew is currently missing and wanted, due to Col. Opritia’s intervention.
c. The Recruitment Center with the address no. 1063/1941 requested the liberation of Frankel Fania.
d. Idem with the address no. 1090/1941 requested the liberation of Beno Hirsch.
e. Idem with the address no. 1111/1941 requested the liberation of Wolf Postelnic
f. Idem with the address no. 1112/1941 requested the liberation of Wolf Aschenasie

With the address no. 1332/1941 from July 24 solicitations were made for the liberation of another 6 Jews also for illness reason under Dr. Alexa prescription as an obvious biased toward Jews.
In the same time I want to report that this measure taken to confine and watch those 150 Jews was inspired by the fact that those Jews in June 1940, when our troops pull back from Northern Bukovina, reacted by firing shotguns from their houses inducing panic into town.
To conclude, those Jews, excepting the freedom restrictions, enjoy a human treatment, medical assistance from their doctors, under the supervision of the county head doctor and the city head doctor.
There is no animosity against them but due only to this precaution measures in Radauti there were no events and people are satisfied with the fact that the Jews no longer indulge scaremongering and the black-marketing that they still practicing to this day.

Please deign to order a complete freedom for us to take the necessary measure to ensure the state security, leaving for the garrison only the duty to ensure the escort when needed.

Lt. Col. Ionescu

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