Inter-Ethnic Marriage - October 1941

Mr. Prefect,

The undersigned Straub Rochus, resident in Brodina commune, Radauti County, mechanic, roman-catholic, born in Ciudeiu commune, Storojineti County, having a wife of mosaïque ethnic origin and finding that all Jews from Radauti County must leave the country, I have the honor to ask you to deign to order that my wife could remain next to me for the following reasons:

1. I married Miss Rosa Pistiner, of mosaïque ethnic origin, daughter of Abraham and Czarny, on August 17, 1935, abiding all legal requirements.
2. From our marriage we have a child which we named Silva, born on 1939.
3. My wife has a good consent for the Homeland and for Germany as you can verify at the local Gendarmerie Office.
4. It will be easy to prove that she was never involved in any politics, the kikehood did not suit her, because from the moment of her marriage she left her parents house and never went back there to her parents or to other relatives and even with the kikes in our town she was never in contact.
5. The undersigned I am of German ethnic origin and I am all aware that most of the Jews are arch-enemy of the Christianity, but because I live with my wife from 1935 and all this time she never left me not even for a moment and we live in very good understanding and following the Christian rules, I became convinced that she has a good consent for the Christians and it suits her.
6. This can be proved by the local authorities as well as the local inhabitants and neighbors.
7. My wife has not, nor have not any relative in this commune or Jewish acquaintances to be related to.
8. As a widower with two underage children for which I could not found better childcare than the above mentioned wife who took the best Christian care for my underage children and for this reason all Jews from our commune were her worst enemies and she has a very bad reputation among them.

As I receive a strict order from the Brodina commune mayor Mr. Hudema Dumitru, that my wife should immediately leave the commune and having a toddler with her, if my wife will leave me I will be very miserable, left without housekeeper and mother for the child.
With profound respect please, Mr. Prefect, to deign to order that my above mentioned demand to be satisfied.

Please accept, Mr. Prefect, the promise of my special esteem and consideration,

Brodina, October 15 1941
Rochus Straub
Prefecture entry no. 1962 – 10/20/1941

The Romanian and German state, because a truly German citizen never marry under no circumstances a Jewish woman, as for the Jews, we know them too well how loyal are they to the state who shelter them.
Such is the case presented and taking into consideration the mood of the population who is criticizing the current ruling regime because we still stumbling into kikes even orders have been given that all Jews must be lifted from the town and that the authorities tolerate them or regarded them with indifference and carelessness.
For these reasons, ruling out any consideration our opinion is and we are asking an order to lift that Jewish woman out of our town as well as the other Jews, to end this situation and to stop criticisms and reproaches toward authorities and even towards Government, those with a special agenda even using such cases to fuel propaganda among population this way.

Head of Brodina police station,
Warrant-officer …

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