Star or no Star - April/September 1941

Bucovina Province Government
The Military office
Ordinance no 15/1943

We, Corneliu Calotescu, Division General, Bucovina Province Governor
Seeing the report issued by The Military Office no 12319/943
Upon the rights granted by The Decree-Law no. 2506 advertised in The Official Collection of Laws no. 209 / 9/4/1941


Entry I. - Jews of all age and gender are obligated to wear on the left side of the chest, visibly, the distinctive mark – the Star of David – formed of two overlapped equilateral triangle with 6 cm sides, made of yellow fabric, as mentioned in the entry 6 from Ordinance no. 1344/1941.
The star is to be sewn on the overcoat as well as on the light overcoat, fur coat etc as well as on the clothes and dresses, so that when the coat or the light overcoat were removed, the star can be seen on the clothes, dresses etc.

Entry II. – Any deviation from the present ordinance will be punished by labor camp confinement
Entry III. – The following are not forced to comply with the present ordinance provision:

a) The baptized Jews, if the conversion is mentioned in The Official Civil Status Records
b) The Jewish women married to Christians
c) The Jewish women who have been married to Christians and have Christian children

The printout proof for those exempted from the wearing of the star, for those mentioned on entry a) will be made with papers issued by The Office of Civil Records, and for those mentioned on entry b) and c) with papers issued by The County Jewish Office.
Entry IV. – Any orders opposed to the present ordinance are and remain annulled.
Entry V. – The Police and Gendarmerie officers are in charge to carry out the present ordinance dispositions.

Issued in Cernowitz, today, 26th of February 1943
Bucovina Province Governor, Division General, Corneliu Calotescu
In conformity,
Head of the 2nd Bureau
Major Gh. Sion

Under-secretary of state office
No 8368 – 9/3/1941


I am honored to inform you that all Jews (men, women and children) from all over the county, are obliged to wear a distinctive mark, a six corner star (the star of David) placed in a square frame of 8,5 cm / 8,5 cm.
Each side of the triangles forming the star will have 6 cm.
The square (frame) sides and the triangle sides will have 6 mm width.
The star (the two overlapping triangles, pointing in opposite direction), as well as the frame, will be black on white background.
The mark will be sewed on the coat, on the left side of the chest.
The Jews will be obliged to wear this mark within 5 days from the present order receiving.
The christen Jews will not be obliged to wear this mark.

I. Popescu


Following the order no 22077/B - 8/7/1941, The Presidency of the Board of Ministries, under no.7436 – 8/7/1941 has approved that all the Jews from Moldova, Bucovina and Bessarabia, from the east of Nistru also, to be obliged to wear, under severe punishments, a distinctive mark, formed of a six corner star (two overlapping triangles) made of yellow fabric or cloth, of 7 cm in diameter, on a black background. - This mark will be sewed on the left side of the chest. - Please release the necessary orders,

Certified by sergeant major Zgăvărdici
Verified by Lt. Col. M. Georgescu

NO 978 – 7/17/1941

To Mr. Minister Riosanu, General Antonescu assignee, Cernowitz

I am honored to report the followings:
In Radauti Garrison there are Romanian and German officers, coming and staying for a limited period of time and being unfamiliar with the Radauti society, they use to go out with Jewish women.
Those defiant and immoral Jewish women are welcoming the officers’ approach with subversive purposes and could become a real menace for the state security.

In order to easily cap and survey those Jewish women, a general order issued under your authority will be necessary stating that all Jewish men and women to wear on their cloths, visible on their chest, the Judaic mark on a blue background.

Lt. Col. Ionescu

Mailed on 7/17/1941

Radauti Roman Catholic Parish
Radauti, on 4/16/1943

Obligation to wear the Star of David for baptized Jews

Mr. Prefect,

The High Government allows, last time on February 1943, for the Jews to be baptized, without changing at all their civil status.
After baptize was performed, the Catholic Church receive among its believers those of Jewish origin, too.
Allowing the Jews to be baptized, they were permitted - naturally – to attend mass, to wear Christian ensigns, because being baptize they are members of the Catholic Church, now.
On the other hand, according to the Christian faith rules, it is not allowed to the baptized Jews to wear ensigns of another religion but the Christian religion.
Thus the order that require baptize Jews to wear, them too, the Star of David is creating some difficult situations, because it is a public display of the belief in a future Savior who is still to resurrect.
Christians of Jewish origin are therefore forced to be bound to the religion they were given up and prevent them to completely open to the Catholic Church which receive them and contrary to the guarantee freedom of belief.
For that matter it is hard to believe that The High Government, which allows Jews to be baptized, has the intention to hinder the baptize consequences, constraining the baptize Jews to confess the forsaken faith and thus preventing the catholic church to make, with the help of the divine grace, good Christians out of them.
To dispel these contradictions, I respectfully ask you to deign to order what you consider to be fit for the baptize Jews to be exempted from the Star of David wearing.

Please accept, Mr. Prefect, the promise of my distinguished esteem,

Roman-catholic vicar and archpriest,
Monsignor Ioan Malec

To his Excellency Mr. prefect of Radauti County
Receiving no. 296-4/20/1943

The request refers to the following persons:

Rudich Mina Francisca, widow
Adelsberg Richard
Adelsberg Zosia Elisabeth, Richard’s …
Adelsberg Henrietta Maria, Richard’s daughter
Rudich Bertha Gertha, Salomon’s …, unmarried
Hamburger Clara Maria, Leon’s widow
Liquornik Rudolf, war cripple, blind
Liquornik Hertha, Rudolf daughter

Roman-catholic vicar and archpriest,
Monsignor Ioan Malec

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